Welcome to White Ember! This is our space that we've created to share our true passions. Photo + Video.

We have been best friends for the past 6 years. We bonded over music, photography, and our mutual obsession with frozen yogurt. We love going on long road trips and experiencing new places together. We cannot wait to be a part of your journey and help capture your beautiful lives!

Hi, I'm Bailey!

Hi, I'm Kira!

I'm the head Photographer here at White Ember Studios. I'm a Southern Utah native with a love of summer rainstorms and a yearning to find the best gelato ever made. I have an obsession with music that touches your soul, and creating a life that people may say is a little too "extra".  I have a background in cosmetology, a love for baking pastries, and interior design is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm a sentimental, hopeless romantic. I love LOVE. Like maybe a little too much.  Which has lead me to pursue the honor of helping people document their beautiful lives through photo and video. I look forward to every new friend I get to make and all the memories I have the privilege to capture.

I’m the head videographer here at White Ember studios. I live in Utah but have moved so many times, there’s a chance I know one of your realities. Moving place to place has given me a love for travel and meeting new friends. Im addicted to creating whether that be film, watercolor or DIY projects. I have a passion for health and nutrition and always want to accomplish the hard or uncomfortable. I’m at my best when I’m stressed! I love to make people laugh and maybe make light of too many serious situations. Oopsy! My friends are family, and relationships are my world. Making something out of nothing is what I live for. My favorite is filming those little life moments that may seem insignificant but, when you look back, you’re so glad you have. Im always looking for the next project I can get my hands on and can’t wait to create something I’m proud of.