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How do I book a photo or video session with you?

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How do I book my wedding with you?

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How can I find the perfect location for my session?

We have scouted and shot at so many beautiful locations in Utah. We have a lot of options we can give you from personal experience and a location guide to hundreds of locations we have yet to try! Whatever your vision is we will do our best to find the perfect location to bring the magic of your session alive.

What should I wear to my session?

I like to stick to the three C's when giving advice on what to wear! 

1. Comfortable: Now I don't mean wearing PJs or sweats, but choose something that isn't going to constrict your breathing or constantly needs to be tucked or pulled down throughout your session. Our sessions are full of running and playing and spinning..all sorts of action to get the perfect shots. With this in mind, choose clothes that you can move and breath in, we want you to look and feel as comfortable as possible.

2. Confident: Choose something that makes you feel like you could take on the world. A lot of people get in front of the camera and feel awkward already but if you love the outfit you're wearing, it will definitely lessen that feeling. Find something that expresses you and who you are so that it can reflect through your images! 

3. Classy: Now you don't have to spend hundreds on a new outfit, or wear something that Rhianna would wear on the red carpet. But I do suggest putting some time and thought into what you want to wear. Find something that is flattering and put together. Whether you are going for a casual, laid back style or a more glamourous one, pay attention to the details of fit, and look. Make sure items are ironed, steamed, rolled, tucked, and placed in the correct spot. 

As for colors, patterns and style. Pick a color pallette of 3-5 colors and stick to it! Try not to get too wild or 

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